This is How Snapchat Breaks UI Principles

2 min readAug 28, 2022


In this post, I have shown how Snapchat breaks UX Laws.


I have never found a case where creating a site against all the principles of good design has turned out to be a remotely good idea.

Some of the most successful companies have dared to defy common UX principles!

Let’s see how Snapchat purposefully breaks UX guidelines to achieve specific goals.

For an app that has 238 million daily users,
Snapchat has a surprisingly complicated Ul. Let’s see what’s the problem with Snapchat’s UX:

  • iconography is confusing
  • Labels are non-existent
  • Apps Functionality are hidden
  • Navigation is complicated

However, the Snapchat’s user experience is not bad. It’s actually an incredibly smart design.

Their challenging UX is what keeps them relevant to their primary target audience: teenagers and millennials.

While Snapchat’s user interface isn’t the most intuitive (at least for adults),
it does serve a few critical functions:

It keeps the adults out:

They intentionally made the user interface challenging to grasp in order to make it difficult for adults to use. This limits Snapchat’s user base to teenagers.

It makes people talk about Snapchat:

Every time a new feature is added to Snapchat, thousands of people ask each other how it works.
Each time, that chit-chat raises awareness of Snapchat.

There is a Gamification Component to It:

Snapchat understood its users’ psychology and made certain features challenging to access intuitively. Users will only find these features if they spend more time on the platform exploring, which will make them feel rewarded. This wonderful gamification strategy has been working successfully for Snapchat.

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