Docker Complete Setup on Windows (With WSL Ubuntu)

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Docker Setup On Windows

On Windows 11, Microsoft simplified the installation process of the Windows Subsystem for Linux 2 (WSL) to only one command to download and install all the required components, which includes the virtual machine platform and Linux GUI apps.

In addition, the command also installs the latest Ubuntu distro by default. If you prefer another distribution of Linux, you can append an option in the command to install any of the supported distros. Alongside the new quick and easy process, you will also find another way to make it easier to update the kernel with only one command.

This guide will teach you the easy steps to install the WSL platform on your computer. In addition, we will outline the steps to update the Linux kernel on Windows 11.

You must be running Windows 10 version 2004 and higher (Build 19041 and higher) or Windows 11 to use the commands below. If you are on earlier versions please see the manual install page.

Install using Command Prompt
Step 1: Start CMD with administrative privileges.
Step 2:Execute “wsl — install” command.
Step 3:Run “wsl -l -o” to list other Linux releases.
Step 4:You can install your favorite Linux distribution, use “wsl — install -d

If your Microsoft store is not enabled then you can use the below command

wsl —- install –-web-download

And then download appxbundle of Ubuntu-22.04 from (Approx 2GB)

Click on that file after downloading.

You need to restart your computer after that

Then download and install docker from

(For more detail in case you need — )

Once you complete the steps, WSL will install on Windows 11, including the support for Linux GUI apps and the Linux distribution.

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